Hungarian Open Air Museum of Szentendre (Skanzen)

In today's digital world it is increasingly common for a traditional museum to provide selection of its content in a digital format. The goal of this project was to make that content easily accessible to visitors, and create interactive features leveraging the possibilities of the digital platform. To help achieving that goal, we have participated in this project as a technology partner.

The importance of content

Bespoke interfaces We believe that in certain situations a fully customized interface that is tailored to our client's need is the best solution, and we are more than happy to deliver it.

Nowadays there is a great selection of platforms available, each with unique use-case scenarios and specific parameters. The importance of optimizing the user interface to each platform we are targeting is a long known industry widely accepted fact. It is however just as important, to optimize your content for different platforms, and this is something that is often overlooked. In this project we have designed a content management system that enables and encourages content creators to deliver information in a form, that is optimal for the target platform. We were aiming to provide them with a creative freedom while the system works out technical details - like integrity checks, optimization of uploaded audio and video files - silently and automatically in the background.


Some aspects of this product - like the pre recorded good quality voiceover - makes it perfect to use as an accessibility aid for people with impaired vision. Also, certain navigation features provide useful information of potential obstacles and difficult terrain parts for visitors with different types of disabilities. We have really enjoyed working with a client who realized the importance of accessibility features and prioritized them from the beginning.

Collaborative effort

This project was a multi-team collaboration, and included content creators from Skanzen, content editing work and voice over creation services from Hírnökpress. Also, a huge shout-out to Péter Kondás, for creating an orthographically correct 3D representation of the area, which served as the base for the map inside the application. We always enjoy collaborating with talented individuals from any areas, we believe that a diverse skill set can lead to even greater products.

Scope of work

Web Development
  • Ruby on Rails based backend
  • Built on ActiveAdmin for rapid development
  • We are providing the client with hosting services using a docker based environment
Mobile Development
  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • iOS app was written in Swift
  • Android app was written in Java