Transit Apps

Public transportation is a topic we have spent years on. We have designed and are maintaining several transit apps for Android and we have provided consultation service for numerous third parties. Our transit apps are available in bigger Hungarian cities and have been downloaded more than half million times. This resulted in extensive knowledge of modelling multi modal transportation systems, visualizing schedules and providing our users with optimal trip plans.

Sharing our knowledge

Recent challenges Recently we began to provide mobile development services to realCity, helping with their ongoing effort of developing "FUTÁR" the official transit app of Budapest, Hungary.

We treat our transit apps as a kind of community project rather than a business venue. The main value they provide us is experience and knowledge in a specialized segment of software development. We are always happy to share our experience when approached by others in the industry. Currently, we are providing consultation and development services to several third parties of various size. We are always looking for new challenges and further ways to expand our knowledge.

Being open

We believe in open data. We are active maintainers and users of Open Street Map data in our transit apps. We have successfully used and customized Open Trip Planner in multiple instances in different projects over the years. On the long run this provided us with skills we can reuse in future projects for implementing custom map and navigation related solutions.

First hand experience

Leveraging the nature of this project, we often use it to experiment with new technologies or to test out improvements targeting our internal processes. Our transit apps give us important insights on how certain technologies perform in live environments, not only from the development perspective but also regarding operations, maintenance and costs. This way we can make sure we only recommend technologies that we have successfully used in our own projects and we are certain they can deliver what our partners need.